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Techparks and Innovation centers

Techparks and innovative centers are focused on the development of technologies and innovations ecosystems in Georgia.

Techpark is a physical space where the technological, educational and professional resources are accumulated and it aims to serve the development of knowledge based economy in Georgia. Techpark, through its infrastructure, facilitates the establishment and growth of high-tech businesses that are competitive in both local and global markets.

While integrating intellectual resources and technological infrastructure, Techpark is one of the main elements of the start-up ecosystem of innovations, and its dynamic, renewable and developing nature makes it an epicenter of changes and developments.It combines incubators, training centers and laboratories, as well as offices, general-work and recreational spaces. Other than that Techpark also provides access to training centers and showrooms.

Innovative centers are mini-techparks and it offers customers  the   same services that techparks  do but locally and  on a relatively small scale. With technologies and general infrastructure, as well as with international experience and knowledge accessed by recognized mentors, Techpark is a place where a comfortable environment has been built to help the working process from the business ideas until it’s establishment  as a business model.

Contact information of technologies and innovations centers:

  • Tbilisi Techpark - Tbilisi, Innovation Str. # 7; 0322004482;
  • Zugdidi Techpark - Zugdidi, Lagidze str. # 1, Sokhumi str. # 2; 592396767 - Anuki Asatiani;
  • Telavi TechPark - Telavi, Rustaveli str. # 11; 577343253 - Sophio Samadashvili;
  • Akhmeta Innovation Center - Akhmeta, Chanturia str. # 1; 599371861 - Shorena Chapurishvili;
  • Rukhi Innovation Center - Rukhi,  Rukhi Shopping Center; 577 380 646 - Tsira Meskhia