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Innovative camp

Georgian Innovations and technologies Agency, in purpose of  innovation ecosystem development, developed a plan, how to become Georgia one of the best places in region to establish the startups. This is why in the cities and regions of Georgia will be held
Startup Boot Camps, the main purpose of which is the citizens of different countries and of Georgia as well to create the teams, to be able to work together, to find the solutions, to work on  given tasks, to create the new start-ups and we also aim to find hidden innovators in order to conduct their business ideas. All said above will support the development of Georgian startup ecosystem, and also will help local entrepreneurs on  early stages to establish their names in international arena (market).


The camp will have 3 directions: local, regional and international.


The purpose of the local camp is to develop the Georgian ecosystem, to promote Georgian entrepreneurs in the local market and to communicate successfully with partners.


The goal of the international camp is to increase awareness about Georgia around the world
and positioning the country in the direction of regional innovations.

The regional camp aims to increase involvement of neighboring countries to initiate in common projects and also positioning Georgia  as a leader among the neighboring countries in development of innovation ecosystem.


The first phase of camp requires to cover the portal perfectly, after that we will have the opportunity to disseminate detailed information about the project. It is possible to conduct a local camp at the end of November, dissemination of information and registration will be able by mail. Participants are required to fill the special registration link for the necessary information, and that’s how we choose the competitors. As for regional and international camps, after creating the portal we will contact the agencies or organizations which are similar to us, with their help
we will disseminate information about the portal and project.