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IT specialists

Georgian Innovations and technologies Agency aims to provide informed society formation of supporting projects and programs for state unified policies promotion of implementation and to coordinate information and communication technologies to promote access to innovations in all areas and to increase the efficiency.


The Agency initiates to create the portal, that aims to join the Georgian  IT specialists in unified database, to promote their employment and commercialization. In accordance with the Agency's vision, the Agency will provide customers for the  implementation this purpose,  offers a paid service, in exchange for this IT specialists will get employment opportunity, and companies will be able to easily select a new employee.


After filling the particular form, you will be able to register on portal as an IT specialists, as well as a company that is interested in hiring IT staff. After paying a certain fee, companies will have access to information about where they have obtained education, on what projects have worked on, whether or not are they recently employed  and in which company they work.