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IT trainings

Georgian Innovations and Technologies Agency is aimed to forme projects for the information society and to promote an implementation of the united policy of the state programs,to coordinate information and communication technologies and to promote the penetration of innovations and increase efficiency in all fields.


In order to achieve these goals, Agency is carrying out the training  in IT remote support, VOIP, Front-End, Java, Python, PHP, Android, iOS programing, IT projects and their quality management,  as well as cyber security direction.


The listed trends are selected from the  different surveys and customer surveys.


The Agency will create the portal, where will be placed not only Webinar, but the training as well. It will facilitate to gain the knowledge in any part of Georgia without leaving the home.

The purpose of the IT Specialists' project is to raise the level of education in IT field. Once the participants complete the training they will be able to find the employment in specific areas and to implementate the different projects.