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StartUp Friendly

“StartUp Friendly” is a project of Georgian Innovations and Technology Agency, initiated by the Prime Minister of Georgia.

The goal of the project is to cooperate with Georgian and international organizations to promote the rapid development of startups.

The project implies searching companies which can offer various services for startups.

The company can become startup friendly if :


  • Has a special offer for startups
  • Financing startups
  • Cooperate with startups to create common projects/services.


On early stages the members of Startup Friendly can become startups that participated in Georgia’s Innovations and Technology Agency, Entrepreneurship Development Agency and Partnership Fund programs.

For the effective implementation of the process between companies and startups there is designed a portal -

Through this portal the startups have an opportunity to use the advantages of Startup Friendly and can also fix their needs. On the other hand, the companies will have a chance to sign up and submit their offers for startups.


Startup registration terms :



  • The startup is registered on the website by its founder
  • After registering on portal startup is fully-fledged member of a Startup Friendly society which means that it becomes Startup Friendly’s beneficiary.



Advantages for startups :


  • Access to the discounted products/services
  • Access to the potential investors
  • Access to the media coverage within resources available for the agency
  • Discount on the use of conference and training rooms
  • Free consultation with financial, legal and management direction



Company registration terms :

After registering on the web page, the company can deploy special offer for startups.

The offers presented by companies imply cooperating within 12 months.


Advantages for Startup Friendly companies :


  • There are more than 200 startups in Georgia and this number is increasing permanently. In future this startups may become companies’ corporate clients.
  • The companies have a constant communication with startups - working in their fields - with which they can share a common project implementation
  • To view beneficiaries and startup friendly companies on the website is possible for any visitor.